Work made easy.

Bring admin, leave requests, timesheets and company announcements under one roof. Stop clicking between tabs and start kicking goals.

Work smarter,
stress less.

Tired of thinking about work when you’re not working?

Swag streamlines all your work admin, so you can check off your to-do’s and then enjoy your time off.


Don’t manage work. Love it.

Make work hassle-free by keeping your payslips, timesheets, leave and induction tasks in one easy dashboard. Access and edit rosters and schedules while on the go.

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Shoutout your team members and celebrate wins whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Receive important notifications, feedback and well-earned recognition —all in one dynamic dashboard.

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Less frustration. More celebration.

Get a bird’s-eye view of outstanding tasks, induction policies and certifications. Set goals and track your success with a company news feed and team shoutouts.

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Stay in the loop

View upcoming events, receive feedback from your peers, and access important safety information.

Want a smarter way to work?

Swag takes your busy day and makes it better. Working smarter, not harder, has never been easier.