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Give your
people the tools
to succeed.

Help the team manage work, reduce friction, and unlock internal opportunities. All from the world’s first employment superapp.

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Become an employer of choice.

Swag is a world-first employment superapp that helps manage work admin and promotes development opportunities.

It’s an easier way to attract talent and boost retention.

Supercharge your employer brand.

Make your organisation a great place to work.

With easy admin, Swag gives your people a leg-up at work and in life.

And when people aren’t stressed about work, they can bring their best selves to the job every day.

Simplify work admin.

Reduce manual admin by streamlining leave requests, policies and company notifications. Make them available anywhere, any time on the Swag app.

Think of it as a personal assistant in your employees’ pockets, ready to lend an HR helping hand.

Find and retain great people.

Advertise open roles internally to your employees. Share new development opportunities, encourage referrals, and keep your top-performers in the business.

If you’re looking for external talent, Swag Jobs gives you access to a marketplace of pre-vetted candidates.

Take your pick of talent and manage the hiring process end to end—from first interaction to first day.

Become a talent magnet.

Boost your employer brand by offering employees a way to supercharge their savings and streamline their workday.

Learn how to attract, engage and retain your best people:

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