InstaPay Now

Get paid on-demand, up to $1,000 before payday.

Use InstaPay Now

Avoid credit traps.

Life doesn’t always line up with your pay cycles. Sometimes, bills fall right before payday, or an emergency expense needs to be paid right away. 


But if you’re struggling to bridge the payday gap, turning to credit services or payday loans can hit you with a +200% effective interest rate per annum.  


With InstaPay Now, you can access the money you’ve already earned, when you need it most. Since it’s your own money, there’s no credit involved (and no stressnecessary.)


Say goodbye to credit and hello to financial freedom.


Being paid monthly means some direct debits would be due before my pay would come in. Using Instapay meant that I could cover my food shopping, car services, medical appointments when they would occur shortly before my pay would arrive and I did not want to use the short term loan services.
Tyson, State Lead Trainer, WA

How do people use InstaPay Now?

Amir works in logistics management, and he gets paid monthly. Sometimes, that means budgets can get a bit tight before payday. To avoid relying on credit cards or loans, he uses InstaPay Now to access up to $1,000 of his earned pay before payday. He uses it to pay his bills on time to avoid late fees. 

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Flexible pay

Need a last-minute gift? Or some extra savings? Tap into the money you’ve already earned.


InstaPay Now lets you unlock up to $1,000 of your pay whenever you need it. It’s a more flexible way to get paid —so you can build budgets around your life, not your pay cycles.

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Instapay Now has saved me so much stress. With the increased cost of living, our budget has been tight. InstaPay has made unexpected or larger bills much less stressful. My kids get to enjoy little treats and every now and again I treat myself to something too
Demi-Leigh, Client Services Officer, QLD

How do I use InstaPay? 

  • Head to the ‘Money’ section of the Swag app. 
  • Tap InstaPay in the navigation bar
  • Choose whether you want InstaPay Now or InstaPay Daily
  • Enter the amount you want. 
  • Select the bank account that you would like it paid into
  • Review and complete your request.