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Get paid daily, as soon as you earn it.

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Your money, your way. Every day.

You stream music, movies and podcasts: so why shouldn’t you stream your pay? 

InstaPay Daily lets you stream up to 50% of your earned wages directly into your Swag Spend account every day. 

You get access to your money as soon as you earn it, so you can forget about relying on credit or loans. It’s a faster, fairer way to get paid. 

Since it’s money you’ve already earned, there’s no credit, interest or hidden costs involved. Just a monthly $9.99 fee. 

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It makes life easier with inflation and everything else going on. InstaPay has helped with my portfolio for investments on some short term positions
Nelson, Sales Consultant, NSW


How do people use InstaPay Daily?

Sarah works in Retail, which means she gets paid fortnightly for the shifts she’s done in that period. She uses InstaPay Daily to get her money streamed directly into her account after each shift.

Because she can see her money in real-time, she can pick up extra shifts if she needs to boost her savings that week.

Spend, save, invest: it’s your choice

InstaPay Daily gives you the most control over your finances. You get full transparency over your earnings in real-time, so you can see your financial position at a glance. Need to take an extra shift this week? Or want to put a little extra towards savings? You make the call. 

People use InstaPay Daily to: 

  • Pay bills as soon as they arrive to avoid late fees
  • Make additional repayments on their mortgage to pay it off faster 
  • Invest their money daily to accrue more interest 
  • Save up for that special something 👀 sooner
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“I use InstaPay weekly to assist with bills and other everyday expenses. I have been financially struggling for a while and this has been great to assist me. It has helped with my mental health knowing that I can access my money earlier and not stress about being short on expenses. I am also a bad saver and this also helps me save money.”
Amy, Allocator, VIC

How do I use InstaPay? 

  • Head to the ‘Money’ section of the Swag app. 
  • Tap InstaPay in the navigation bar
  • Choose whether you want InstaPay Now or InstaPay Daily
  • Enter the amount you want. 
  • Select the bank account that you would like it paid into
  • Review and complete your request.
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Take control of your pay.

With InstaPay, you get control over how you get paid. Access it on-demand, when you need it most. Want to see how it works? Download Swag today.

  • Download on Apple Store
  • Download on Google Play
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