Your pay,
any day

Stream your pay on-demand with InstaPay. Since it’s money you’ve already earned, there’s no credit, interest or hidden costs, just one $3 fee*

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A better way to get paid.

The way most people get paid is broken. It’s not your employer’s fault, it’s just that payroll hasn’t changed to match our modern lifestyles.

At Swag, we asked a simple question: Why shouldn’t you have access to the pay you’ve earned, for the work you’ve done each day?


InstaPay saves the day.

Enter InstaPay: our solution to help you access your wages as soon as you’ve earned them. Since it’s money you’ve already earned, there’s no credit, interest or hidden costs involved: just a $3 fee when you deposit into your Swag Spend account.

InstaPay comes in handy for: an unexpected bill, extra mortgage payments, investments or savings. The choice is yours.


Your money, when you want it.

You stream music, movies and podcasts: so why shouldn’t you stream your pay?

InstaPay lets you stream your earned wages directly into your Swag Spend account. You get access to your money as you earn it. Since it’s money you’ve already earned, there’s no credit, interest or hidden costs involved. Just one drawdown fee of $3.*


Flexible pay.

Need a last-minute gift? Or some extra savings? Tap into the money you’ve already earned.

Unlock your pay whenever you need it with InstaPay. It’s a more flexible way to get paid—so you can build budgets around your life, not your pay cycles.


Avoid credit traps.

Struggling to bridge the payday gap? Credit services can hit you with a +200% effective interest rate per annum**

With InstaPay, you can access the money you’ve already earned, when you need it most. Since it’s your own money, there’s no credit involved (and no stress necessary).

Say goodbye to credit and hello to financial freedom.


Spend, save, invest: it’s your choice.

  • Manage your bills or offset your mortgage
  • Buy new shares
  • Tackle any unplanned expenses
  • Make emergencies less stressful
  • Save up for that special something 👀

How do I use InstaPay?

  • Tap InstaPay in the Swag mobile app
  • Enter the amount you want. The minimum is $100 and the maximum is $250
  • Select the bank account that you would like it paid into
  • Review and complete your request

Take control of your pay.

With InstaPay, you get control over your pay. Access it on-demand, when you need it most. Want to see how it works? Download Swag today.

*Drawdowns deposited into Swag Spend accounts will be charged $3. Drawdowns deposited into non-Swag bank accounts will incur a $4 fee.