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and save. All in
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Access your wages before payday, save more and unlock exclusive rewards to make your money go further.

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Say hello to
financial freedom.

Open a Swag Spend account and discover a better way to earn, spend and save.

Access your pay as soon as you earn it with InstaPay. Use your Swag Visa Debit card to unlock instant savings and Cashback offers. Earn Hero Dollars to spend on big-ticket items in the Swag store.


Your money,
your way.

With a Swag Visa Debit card and Spend Account, you can pay, send money and save instantly.
Paying with your Swag Visa Debit card unlocks exclusive Cashback offers that put money back in your pocket.
The best bit? $0 fees. No international transaction fees. And no fees at all major bank ATMs anywhere in the world.


On-demand pay.

See your wages grow in real-time, and access a portion of them before payday with InstaPay.  Since it’s your own money, there’s no credit, interest or hidden costs. Just one small drawdown fee capped at $4 (that’s less than a cup of coffee).


Budget better.

Never get caught off-guard by a bill again. Make budgeting a breeze by setting aside part of each pay with PaySplit.

Choose how and where you’d like to split your wages. You’ll save without breaking a sweat.


Earn Dollars for a job well done.

Better than a pat on the back. Receive Hero Dollars from your employer for work milestones, kicking goals, and celebrating birthdays.
Spend them in the Swag store with 5% off gift cards from Dan Murphy’s, Uber Eats and more. Or use them at one of our partner stores and enjoy up to 20% cash back.

Make money moves.

Get on top of your finances without complicated spreadsheets and budgets. It’s the easy way to spend, save and make your money go further.

To find out more about InstaPay, Pay Split and our other Money features, visit our FAQs page.