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Swag SmartMatch uses machine learning to match your profile to hidden and unadvertised jobs in your industry.

Because they’re off-market, there’s less competition for these secret roles 🤫

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4 in 5 roles never advertised

Did you know 4 in 5 jobs are filled without being posted to a jobs board? It’s called the hidden jobs market, and it’s where all the best opportunities are.

Swag Smart Match gives you insider access to these off-market roles. These jobs would normally be filled through referrals, word of mouth, and personal networks — but now you get first pick.


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the best roles

The secret to landing your dream role isn’t submitting hundreds of applications on job boards — in fact, many great jobs aren’t posted online at all.


Your ‘in’ to the hidden jobs market

It’s about who you know. Swag gives you a personal introduction to our network of 200,000+ employers.

We’ll find you hidden jobs and get your profile in front of the best employers.


Stand out from the crowd

Looking for roles on a job board can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Plus, you’re competing against hundreds of applicants for the same role.

Ditch the struggle and use SmartMatch to find the best off-market opportunities for you. Minus the competition.

Your dream job isn’t advertised.

The best jobs aren’t on job boards –they’re on the hidden jobs market. Create a Swag profile and stop competing with the rest. Choose from the best.

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