Where to find Christmas casual jobs in 2023


The silly season is just around the corner, which means lots of retailers and hospitality organisations are on the lookout for extra staff to manage the holiday rush. If you’re looking for Christmas casual jobs, now’s the perfect time to start applying. 

We’ve pulled together a list of industries looking for seasonal hires, as well as our top picks of Christmas casual jobs for the 2023 holiday season. Use this as a guide to hone in on your next holiday role —whether you’re a seasoned seasonal worker or you’re looking to land your first summer job. 

Finding Christmas casual jobs: A step-by-step guide 

Want to find Christmas Casual jobs? Before you start applying, you need to make a plan. 

1. Put a strategy in place: What do you want to achieve with your summer role? What sort of work are you looking for? You’ll need a strategy in place if you want to land the best gig. Start by reading our guide to 9 Job Search Strategies for the Holiday Season.

2. Update your resume: Now that you’ve made your game plan, it’s time to update your resume. Make sure it’s relevant to the roles you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve got a handy how-to guide right here: How to refresh your resume.

3. Use AI to streamline your job search: Who here has spent way too much time searching through job boards for relevant roles? Or writing cover letters? Or staring at an empty page wondering what the heck to write in your resume’s personal bio? The good news is AI can help make all these time-consuming tasks way easier. Just read How AI Can Speed Up The Job Search to see for yourself. 

4. Get interview-ready: Practise your answers to these common interview questions to ace that interview: whether it’s in person or virtual. 

Which industries are advertising Christmas casual jobs? 

While many businesses slow down over the holidays, some industries ramp up to their busiest time of year. Retail, hospitality and many customer service roles need more hands on deck to handle the holiday shoppers and end-of-year merrymakers. 

Here are the main industries offering Christmas casual jobs, and what they’re looking for in an ideal candidate. Take a read and see if that sounds like you. 

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AI can streamline the christmas casual jobs search


Whether it’s stocking shelves or helping Christmas shoppers, Retail work is booming in the leadup to Christmas. Most retailers need to bring on extra staff to handle the holiday rush. Expect to find job opportunities in customer service, sales, and nightfill or restocking. 

✨If you’re looking for retail roles, there’s over 700+ to choose from on Swag Jobs. Here’s our top picks:

L’Occitane Australia 

This sustainable skincare brand is synonymous with luxury and that special French Je Nes Sai Quoi. No wonder it’s so popular as a Christmas gift, which is why L’Occitane is on the lookout for extra staff these holidays. Take a look at their full list of openings here

Muji Malaysia

If you’re SEA-based, this one’s for you. Muji Malaysia are currently looking for temporary holiday casuals to support them over the busy period. Muji Malaysia is a leading homewares and clothing brand that celebrates creativity, values diversity, and fosters a culture of simplicity and sustainability. Discover meaningful work, endless opportunities, and a community that feels like family.

4WD Supacentre

Love big cars and getting offroad? The 4WD Supacentre is looking for passionate retail assistants to help holidaymakers get off the beaten track this summer. As a family-operated business that specialises in outdoor recreation and lifestyle products, they’re looking for people who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. 

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Hands up if you bought something online during the Black Friday sales? Nationwide, we spent upwards of $AU6B this Black Friday —that’s a lot of packages and deliveries. During the leadup to Christmas, ecommerce stores need extra hands on deck to keep up with the seasonal online shopping craze. Expect to find work in the warehouse, picking and packing orders, organising deliveries, and online customer service. 

✨Want to find relevant e-commerce roles? Here’s our top picks on Swag Jobs

Total Beauty Network 

TBN is making waves in beauty, offering healthy cosmetics under brands like DB, Colour by TBN, and INIKA. Known for quality and variety, they’re widely available in Australian pharmacies, salons, and online. As part of the BRW 100 fastest growing companies, TBN’s growth is as impressive as its products —and they’re on the lookout for warehouse and customer service roles.  

The Royal Nut Company

The Royal Nut Company has been a family-owned business since 1987, specialising in high-quality nuts, nut spreads, dried fruits, spices and much more. They’re known for their passion for unique flavours, combined with a commitment to excellence and personalised service in every aspect of their operations. If that sounds like you, check out their open roles here

🤩 Want more? Here’s a full list of available ecommerce opportunities on Swag Jobs


Christmas parties, family celebrations and late-night New Years revellers: the silly season is jam-packed for Hospo businesses. From hotels to entertainment venues and restaurants, hospitality businesses need some extra hands for holiday events and catering.

✨Want to find relevant hospo Christmas casual jobs? There’s 500+ to be discovered on Swag Jobs. Here’s our top picks: 

Peninsula Hot Springs

The Peninsula Hot Springs is an award-winning geothermal hot springs and day spa based on the Mornington Peninsula. This Peninsula mainstay is looking for a range of hospitality pros to make guests feel relaxed and at home over the silly season. Expect to find roles in the spa, the hot springs and the dining areas of the property.

Heaps Normal 

Australia’s favourite non-alcoholic beer makers are looking for beer slingers in Brisbane and Sydney. Heaps Normal are normalising mindful drinking by brewing beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol. If you’re interested in joining the team, you can find their open roles here

Voco an IHG Hotel

Voco is a Melbourne-based boutique hotel blending refreshing hospitality with modern charm. Based in the heart of the CBD, they’re looking for holiday staff to delight the influx of guests over the holidays. You can view their open roles here



All these purchases and packages need to go somewhere, and that’s where logistics teams come in, making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Logistics companies are under the pump this time of year, with their crews gearing up for a delivery frenzy. 

✨Searching for holiday logistics and delivery roles? There’s over 1,400+ on Swag Jobs. Here’s our top picks: 


Cult Design has been in business for over 24 years and sells the finest furniture and lighting from some of the biggest design icons. They’re looking for logistics coordinators and delivery drivers to service their 4 showrooms —you can find their open opportunities here

Oxworks Services

Oxworks is Australia’s largest privately owned manufacturer and distributor of quality fencing products. It’s been in business for over 20+ years and has over 240 staff across 14 locations throughout Australia. They’re looking to grow their team over the holidays, with a range of delivery and warehouse roles up for grabs

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Healthcare doesn’t stop just because it’s the holidays. In an industry that needs qualified people on hand 24/7, when regular staff take their yearly breaks, hospitals need people to fill these roles. 

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Quality Healthcare Solutions

Quality Healthcare Solutions is a small team of allied health and nursing professionals offering support for people living with a disability. They’re looking for mental health and disability support workers —here’s a full list of their open roles.

Midnight Health 

Midnight Health is dedicated to improving healthcare access for thousands of Australians living remotely. They’re looking to add nurses and GPs to their growing list of brands including Youly, Hub.Health and Stagger. See their open roles here. 

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