Should it be normal to get paid daily?


Let’s face it: In today’s world, we’ve reached a point where almost anything we want is just a tap away. We can unlock our phones and get sushi, transport, music, or even a new friend, in seconds. But when it comes to getting paid, we’re still stuck in the past. It’s time for payroll to catch up with the convenience and flexibility we’ve come to expect in every other aspect of our lives. 

That’s why we’ve created InstaPay Daily, a way to get paid daily for the work you’ve done that day. InstaPay Daily streams a portion of your pay directly into your account as soon as you earn it. You can access 50% of your daily earned wages, up to a maximum amount of $165 per day. 

What does it mean to get paid daily? 

Most of us are used to getting paid on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay cycle. Historically, this was the easiest way for employers to manage payroll. Think about it: businesses had to manually calculate everyone’s wages, print out checks, and distribute them. Doing that every day would have been a logistical nightmare!

But thanks to tech advancements, we can ditch outdated pay processes and create a new cycle that matches the pace of our modern lives. Having on-demand pay through InstaPay Daily means you’re not waiting around for that big paycheck. Instead, you’re getting your money each day, when you need it most. 

What are the benefits of getting paid daily? 

Now that we know what getting paid daily means, let’s talk about how it benefits your financial wellbeing. You might be thinking ‘I’ve been getting paid the same way since I started working and I’ve been fine. Why change?’. Well, here are some of the biggest benefits of getting paid daily: 

💵 Always have money when you need it. That means you can avoid relying on credit cards or high-interest loans to bridge the payday gap. 🚨Millions of Aussies have increased their credit card limits to keep up with the rising cost of living, but this approach just puts you into even more debt🚨. Swag research shows a staggering 90% of Australians have outstanding short-term credit debt, and the average amount of debt per person is $4,331! 

💰 Get instant access to the money you’ve earned, as soon as you’ve earned it

💸 Handle bills on the spot (goodbye late fees!)

🫰Have full visibility of your finances in real time. You’ll always know how much you have to spend or save

🫘 No more stretching your cash (or living off rice and beans) until the next payday

🚀 You can even invest your money daily and watch it grow. It’s your pay, your way

Sounds pretty great, right? Welcome to InstaPay Daily.

instapay daily is your pay on demand

Should we all get paid daily? 

We definitely think so. The way most people get paid is outdated. It’s not your employer’s fault, it’s just that payroll hasn’t changed to match our modern lifestyles. At Swag, we asked a simple question: Why shouldn’t you have access to the pay you’ve earned, for the work you’ve done each day? Enter InstaPay Daily

With InstaPay Daily,  we’re revolutionising payday. We’re bringing payroll into the modern age because getting paid on-demand for the work you’ve done each day is what you deserve. Why should you work then wait until payday rolls around? 

💡 Think of it this way💡: you wouldn’t buy a coffee and tell the barista you’d be back next week to pay for it, but for hundreds of years that’s how pay has worked. You do a day’s work, and your employer holds onto your pay until they get time to process a pay run.

With InstaPay Daily, you have real-time compensation that reflects the value of the hard work you’ve put in each day. Plus, having complete transparency over your earnings in real-time increases your financial wellbeing

How can InstaPay Daily help me manage my money? 

Our very own 2023 Swag Financial Behaviours study found that nearly 1 in 2 (46%) of Australians struggle to pay for regular expenses like rent and groceries before payday comes around.

There are a range of ways InstaPay Daily can help you manage your money. You can:

  • Pay your mortgage off faster by contributing to your mortgage offset account more regularly
  • Grow your savings by adding to your savings accounts more regularly to earn increased interest
  • Avoid late fees by paying off bills right away 
  • Invest the second a great opportunity comes up
  • Reduce reliance on credit and high-interest loans. 

After all, it’s your money, you’ve earned it, and you should be able to use it right away —spend it, save it or grow it, the choice is yours.

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How does InstaPay Daily work? 

Instapay Daily is an alternative to InstaPay Now, which gives you one-off instant access to up to $250 of your earned wages before payday. Instead of getting $250 at a time, InstaPay Daily streams your pay into your account every day you work (up to 50% of your pay each day) in real-time, as soon as you earn it.

InstaPay Daily is an Earned Wage Access Product, which means it pulls from your own money and there’s no credit, interest or hidden fees involved (and no stress necessary). It’s a more flexible way to get paid — so you can build budgets around your life, not your pay cycles. 

How do I access InstaPay Daily?

If your employer uses Employment Hero HR and Payroll, you have access to InstaPay Now and InstaPay Daily.

To get started with InstaPay Daily, follow these easy steps: 

  • Download the Swag app
  • Head to the ‘Money’ tab, then set up a Swag Spend Account
  • Once that’s done, select ‘Income’ from the top navigation bar. 
  • Now, you’ll see a real-time calculation of how much funds you have available to access. Request InstaPay Daily and follow the prompts!  

Download the Swag app today to get started.

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