How Kade found his new job in days with SmartMatch

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See how Kade Burgess found his new job in days (not weeks) with SmartMatch.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you looking for a job is hard work. 

Between searching through job listings, manually applying for roles, and writing cover letters, it’s a full-time job in itself.

So when Kade Burgess came across SmartMatch while applying for a job, he was excited to find a solution to fast-track his job hunt. 

“I came across SmartMatch while applying for a different job via SEEK – I was redirected to Swag, uploaded my CV and it automatically created a candidate profile for me.” 

Kade Burgess, Disability Support Worker at Bloomfield Support Solutions*

SmartMatch uses AI to screen your CV and automatically populates a profile for you. You can add your skills, interests and certifications to your profile, and generate bios in seconds with AI.

Kade now had a unique candidate profile that he could use to apply for jobs with just a click. Rather than spending hours manually uploading resume details and writing cover letters, SmartMatch’s AI did it all in seconds. 

“It’s intuitive and it was easy to add information to your profile. It felt like it would adapt to what you wanted to do with it compared to LinkedIn and Seek.

You put your information in once and it’s all there, automatically populated. Then you start getting automatically matched with jobs.” 

SmartMatch finds you top job matches

Where SmartMatch really shines is in its ability to match you to relevant roles. Rather than having to manually search for opportunities, SmartMatch showed Kade’s profile to organisations looking for people with his experience and skillset. It then presented him with a list of top potential matches. 

“It was so easy. Rather than having a search through hundreds of hundreds of ads. It gave me actually relevant, recommended jobs, which was really nice.” 

Previously, on job boards I’d have to go searching and what could be a 15-minute task turns into hours upon hours of going through hundreds of jobs ads. It was irritating searching through so many different jobs and just not getting the right ones.”

SmartMatch reverses the job search

SmartMatch reverses the job search and shows your profile to relevant employers who are looking to hire.  You then get a curated list of top matches from employers interested in you. 

Powered by Employment Hero, Australia’s largest employment platform, SmartMatch has a direct relationship with 300,000+ businesses. That means we can share your profile directly with employers who would be a great fit.

“I put my information in, and SmartMatch automatically populated a list of jobs in the area I wanted, matched to what I wanted to do and what my skills were. It brought the most relevant jobs to the top —and the matches were pretty much bang on”

I could apply for 3-4 high-quality roles, whereas on SEEK or Indeed, those roles may be buried amongst irrelevant job ads”


Employers find you

That’s where his current employer, Bloomfield Support Solutions, saw his profile and invited him to apply. 

Kade saw he was a 90% match: it was clear he was a great fit for the role. After applying with just a click, the timeline from applying to hired was a matter of days. 

“It was really quick. I had my profile up there for a week, Bloomfield reached out to me, and the process of getting hired and onboarded by them was days. They reached out on the Thursday, I had an interview on Friday, and was doing shifts the week after.”  

Onboarding via Swag was also a breeze, with everything done through the app. All Kade needed to do was take photos of his IDs and certificates and upload them directly. No more wasted time emailing documents back and forth.

Kade is just one of thousands of jobseekers finding work through Swag, and cutting down the job hunting process by up to 90%.

The best thing is having a profile that lets companies see you the moment they’re looking to hire. You can see how much of a fit you are down to the percentage. It helps you find the right fit and cut the time it takes to search for roles. The job finds you.”

Want to find work faster?

Kade is one of hundreds of job hunters finding new work through Swag every day. If you want to get your profile seen by over 300,000+ employers, and get smartmatched to the most suitable roles, create a candidate profile today. It takes less than 5 minutes, and then you just sit back as the opportunities come to you. What are you waiting for? Create a profile here. 

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*Stock model used to represent Kade Burgess