How can AI speed up your job search?

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Skye Cusack: How can AI speed up your job search? Written by Skye Cusack, Swag Content Specialist

Applying for jobs isn’t an easy task. Creating just one resume and cover letter can take hours —and even then, we’re expected to individually tailor each application to every position we apply for. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

So, how can we make things easier for ourselves? There must be a way to create stand out job applications, and still have time for three meals and two snacks a day. And so, I bring to you: the power of AI. How can AI speed up your job search?

When you see AI speed up your job search

How has AI transformed the job search process?

AI has totally changed the job search game for both companies and job seekers. It’s made things way more efficient and streamlined. 

For companies, AI has made finding talent a breeze. Now, instead of spending hours sifting through stacks of resumes, automated systems can quickly analyse them and identify the top candidates. This saves time and lets recruiters focus on the best matches.

But what about job seekers? If you’re looking for work, AI has made the job search much easier and more personalised. Job search platforms now use smart algorithms to recommend jobs that match your skills, experience, and preferences. That means less time scrolling through irrelevant listings and more time applying for the right opportunities.

Accessibility has also gotten a major boost. AI-powered platforms can match job seekers with remote work options, breaking down geographical barriers. So, no matter where you are, you have access to more job opportunities. 

AI has made the job search process way easier for both companies and job seekers. It automates tasks, finds the best matches, offers personalised support, and opens doors to new opportunities. It’s a game-changer in the job market.

Is it ethical to use AI to help with job searches?

Can AI speed up your job search in an ethical way? This question doesn’t hurt to ask. AI can be super helpful, but it’s important to make sure it’s used ethically and follows the rules of fairness, transparency, and equal opportunity.

From an employer perspective, businesses can use AI in an ethical way – for instance, AI can help reduce unconscious bias

You as an individual should also make sure you’re using AI ethically. For many, the main concern is that the AI program isn’t committing plagiarism or stealing imagery.

Most public facing AI programs (like writing or headshot generators) are ethical, but if you’re not sure, you can always do your own research to see where the AI powered programs are getting their data from. 

Let AI speed up your job search in an ethical way

4 must-have AI tools for job seekers

1. AI job-matching tools

Ever spent hours trawling through job boards trying to find suitable roles that are in your industry, have the right salary range, and a great company culture? Sorting through the seemingly endless list of unsuitable openings can eat away at your time and energy —which could be better spent interviewing for your dream role. 

Let AI speed up your job search. AI job matching platforms cut out this fruitless search by using predictive algorithms to match you with job openings that fit your skills, salary range, location, experience and interests. You’re automatically served with best-fit jobs, and all you need to do is take your pick of the bunch. 

Swag Tip: Swag SmartMatch is a new AI-powered job matching tool that takes the work out of the job search and helps you find the right fit, faster. Smart Match gives you insider access to the 4 in 5 off-market roles that will never be posted online. Tap into our network of 200,000+ employers and get connected with great opportunities before they’ve been advertised. AI-powered profiles, one-click apply and direct messaging with employers makes job hunting effortless. To be among the first to trial SmartMatch, register your interest here.

2. AI-powered cover letters

Cover letters are hard work. They require personalisation, creativity and time (lots of it). Despite the heavy lift – and no guarantee anyone will actually read them – many companies still require cover letters for job applications. 

Who has time for that? Thankfully, this is where AI can really shine. Let AI speed up your job search. AI tools can generate first-draft cover letters which you can then tweak and personalise for each role. Rather than spending hours perfecting each cover letter, AI can do the bulk of the writing, ready for you to perfect and refine before sending it off. 

Cover letter AI speed up your job search

Swag Tip: You can generate free AI-powered cover letters when you set up a Swag Candidate profile. Let AI speed up your job search. Just enter a few keywords, click on the magic wand button, and watch your very own personalised cover letter appear before your eyes. Don’t forget to tweak the cover letter to the role you’re applying to, and add those final personal touches.

3. AI resume writer

Writing about yourself can be tricky: how do you articulate your accomplishments? What are the key words hiring managers (and software tools) look for when scanning your resume? And how do you condense a life’s worth of experience into a few bullet points on a page? How can you make yourself stand out? If you’ve often found yourself staring at an empty screen, you’re not alone. 

So, how can AI speed up your job search? Luckily, it can do a lot of that hard work for you. Use it to generate resumes and ‘about me’ sections that will stand out to any recruiter. Most tools will require you to put in your industry and job title, and AI will populate the rest. Rinse and repeat for each past role. What’s best is that AI-generated resumes can include all the keywords resume parsing tools look for when surfacing suitable candidates for a role. 

Swag Tip: Swag Candidate profiles have built-in AI functionality to help you write your bio and resume with just a few clicks. Simply put in your job title, and let AI do the rest. Swag will generate dot points related to each job and you can add in personal touches as needed, making AI speed up your job search.

Let AI speed up your job search with AI powered resume

4. AI-powered job interview preparation

AI doesn’t just help with job applications. Once you’ve been offered an interview, there’s a whole new bundle of nerves to manage. But you can use AI to practice answering interview questions, too! Google Interview Warmup is a great AI powered tool for job interview preparation. You can select from a specific industry, or just select ‘General’, and you will be asked 5 typical interview questions. You can type or speak your answers. You will then receive AI powered feedback regarding points addressed, industry terms used and also general power words you can add in to make your answers more impactful. This is a quick and free tool you can use to make AI speed up your job search.

Are hiring managers starting to leverage AI in the hiring process?

Absolutely. And why wouldn’t they? Hiring is busy work, from choosing selection criteria, to writing job descriptions, to scrolling through hundreds of applications. And if it saves them time, then you’re more than justified to find your own ways to speed up your job search.

Let AI speed up your job search

What else can you do with generative AI tools?

AI can do more than just writing and interview prep – but can AI speed up your job search in the image department as well?

Headshots or professional portraits are a great asset to include in a job application or portfolio, but not everyone has the time or money to have a professional photo shoot. But are AI headshot generators a good alternative? I investigated just how easy it is to generate an AI headshot when you’re short on time and cash.

The first thing I noticed when I started looking was that most generators had two barriers: you had to pay or wait days to get your generated image/s back. These don’t provide the best user experience, so I worked within these boundaries when testing different apps and programs. I should also note that I have an Android phone, so there may be some iOS only apps that I couldn’t access.

It was actually pretty hard to find something that met my criteria, but I managed to find two. Here’s an honest review of: professional headshot generators Remini and

Professional headshots

I had a photoshoot with a professional photographer in Melbourne at the start of this year. It was a bit of a process to find a photographer, sort out hair, makeup and wardrobe, and then go through the actual photography and finalising process. The entire thing took around a month for me to have the selection of photos in my email inbox.

Professional headshot: can AI speed up your job search? Professional headshot: can AI speed up your job search?

  • High quality images
  • The images really look like me (because, well, they are me)
  • It was a fun experience

  • Expensive
  • Lengthy process 
  • Had to leave the house (ew)


Remini recently went viral on TikTok, and I was curious to give it a try. 

It had a pretty cruisy downloading user experience – just download from the app store and sign up for the free 3-day trial. From there, you click on ‘AI Photos’, select a model image for the AI to use as a base, and then upload 8 – 15 photos of yourself to tell the AI what you look like. It has the photos back to you in just a few minutes. 

The entire process, from downloading the app to receiving the images, was around 15 minutes. The longest part was honestly finding the photos of myself to feed to the AI. In comparison to the headshots, this let AI speed up your job search.

Remini: Can AI speed up your job search? Remini: Can AI speed up your job search?

  • Quick and easy
  • High-ish quality… if you’ve never met me before
  • It could probably convince a Zoom interviewer
  • Free (just remember to cancel the 3 day trial)
  • Watermark is easy enough to crop out.

  • Only free for 3 days, then it becomes $16.99 per week (update: $2.89 per week if you threaten to cancel).
  • Not 100% accurate (I showed these photos to my friends and they laughed)
  • I feel like it was trying to make me look more “conventionally attractive” which is silly because I look awesome and so do you!

It was really hard to find another app to use that didn’t have a paywall. I eventually gave up and looked for websites, and then after some more searching I found I made an account and then attempted ‘Restore Portrait’ as directed. It then created, well… I’m sorry for what you’re about to see. I really am. Can AI speed up your job search?

  • Web based
  • Easy sign up
  • I’m trying really hard to think of something else nice to say but it’s difficult
  • Please don’t use this

  • The image it generated
  • You only get one free image before you have to pay $10 per month (but after this I didn’t want another one so I didn’t mind)
  • It said 5 credits = 5 images but I made 1 image and it took 3 credits, so… not sure what happened there.

Research experiment conclusion

Honestly? Snapping a quick picture on a smartphone is the easiest thing to do. You need to have pictures to provide to the AI anyway, so why not just take some and skip the AI step altogether? It’s more creative and productive that way.

Put on a nice outfit, style your hair the way you like it, and then get a friend or family member to take your photo against a plain coloured wall. It’s free and takes 5 minutes.

Kickstart your job search with Swag

In the ever-evolving job market, finding the perfect career path can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But here comes Swag Jobs: a platform that revolutionises the way we apply and land our dream gigs. With AI powered applications and 1:1 chatting with hiring managers, it’s all about keeping things quick and facilitating meaningful conversations during the job application process. Let AI speed up your job search today.



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