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At Swag, we’re making you—the employee—the hero of the story. By rolling work, internal career opportunities, flexible pay and savings into one superapp, we let you do more in your day, and get more out of life.

We work with your employer to fight the cost of living crisis, revolutionise the way you get paid, and make work admin a breeze.

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It all started with a simple truth:

The way we work is broken. It has been for years. It's not the fault of employers, it’s just that hiring, engagement, payroll and rewards haven't changed to match our modern lifestyles.

Swag is brought to you by the team behind Employment Hero.

After working with small businesses across the globe, we saw firsthand how much employees needed a tool designed to fight the rising cost of living, gain control over their finances, and make work more rewarding.

Enter Swag: a world-first superapp that redefines the way we work, save and get paid.

Work, money and benefits built just for you.


Simplify your work admin, policies and communications.

  • Stay across company news, shoutouts and events
  • Complete training and track goals
  • Manage leave requests and timesheets

Our Story



$8m of funding is secured in the Series B capital raise, fueling team growth.


Seek leads the Series C funding round, taking Employment Hero’s valuation to $100m.


The Series D and E capital raise fuels the biggest year of funding yet, launching Employment Hero into New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia and Singapore.


Employment Hero reaches unicorn status with thanks to the biggest round of funding to date and the acquisition of KeyPay and PensionSync


Swag, the world’s first employee superapp launches, rolling work, career opportunities, flexible pay and savings all in one place.

How it works


Receive your physical Swag Visa Debit card in the mail after 5-7 days.


Spend and save on Cashback offers and in the Swag store.


Set up your Swag Spend Account and instantly set up your digital Visa Debit card.


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